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Up to 1000 Channels Connection & 64 Live Viewing at 1 Screen
PTZ, Bidirectional Talk, Camera Settings, Color Adjustment
Supports DVRs & NVRs
Support Different Alarm Types: External, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Camera Masking & etc.
Support Device Management, Configuration, Reboot & other Operations
Support Video Monitoring Project, Layout Configuration, Recording Plan & etc.
Support Video Search from Local PC, Device itself & other Storage Center
Device Status & other Information provided in the 'Health Report'
Used for the Central Monitoring System


Support IP Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Network Video Servers and etc.
PC NVR feature provided for 64 channels recording provided for saving cost
Support up to 64 x 4 preview windows; main/sub stream optional., Support tour task.
Auto find/import/export supported; easy to manage up to 256 devices or 2000 channels.
Joystick to control PTZ and zoom in/out and fish-eye camera EPTZ using mouse.
Center alarm for organizing alarm channels as whole associated system.
Max 36-channel synchronization playback at the same time. Time bar & event modes optional.
Support e-map; you can clearly view and manage all device locations
Log for event and user operation.

vOptimus Pro

Comprehensive Hybrid Video Management System
HD IP Solutions
Intelligent Video Analysis
Smart Playback
Powerful Video Wall Function
Fail Over vOptimus Pro
Integrated POS
Professional E-map
Smart Phone Client