Ion Solutions India
Who We Are
Ion Solutions is a quality Distributor & Dealer for security systems, Networking and CCTV cameras in Bangalore, India. Since 2007, we have ensured the security of each client’s entire operation, through use of trusted engineering principles. Our purpose is to give you peace of mind by making your sites safe and reliably secure. We use high performing, quality, integrated security and surveillance systems, and have provided our service to government, utilities industries, local authorities, industrial and commercial clients for 08 years.

in the year 2007, with over hard-earned experience in the electronics industry, LMN International boasts of its industrial competence with specialized high performance technology and state-of-the-art equipment required towards security and surveillance.

What We Do

Our dedicated staff carry out design, consultation, risk analysis, project manIONment, installation and servicing of a wide range of systems, including:
CCTV cameras and systems
ANPR – automatic number plate recognition
Low energy LED security lighting
Access Control systems
Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems
Comprehensive Traffic Monitoring Systems
Security solutions for the distribution industry
Integration of systems
Car park security solutions
Body-worn video badges
Networking & Server Integration
VDP- Video Door Phones
Our unique consultative approach allows us to tailor bespoke systems to your individual requirements, ensuring that your operational requirements are met. We appreciate the need to demonstrate the best value to you every time and as a technology-led company, you can expect our cutting-edge and ground-breaking approach to serve your needs for many years to come.

Where We Are

With our Advanced Technology Centre located in the heart of Bangalore we are within easy reach of the south India allowing us to offer CCTV Installations and Security Systems. On site there are facilities showing the latest CCTV systems, including imION data storION technology, intelligent security lighting, ANPR systems, access control and intruder detection systems. Two monitors at water site Demonstrations can be arranged in any of these fields upon request. There are workshops for CCTV and security systems servicing and assembly, together with dedicated CAD facilities.